24 October 2015
Anglia Ruskin University

Interview: Lou Shackleton

We talked to Lou Shackleton (aka Danger Lou) to find out about her creativeConf Cambridge 2015 session.

Could you tell me about your background and experience?

My background is psychology and research. The onset of a long-term health condition stopped me in my academic tracks and made me realise I wanted to do something much more connected with the real world and its problems. After some experimenting I found my expertise was helping people change; studying psychology, I have always been interested in behaviour - what makes us do what we do?

In 2010 I co-founded the You Can Hub and I have spent the last five years having experiments with my own life and sharing them with others. This has included creating a superhero alter ego, Danger Lou, who helps me to take small risks every day in order to achieve the changes I want to see in the world. I hope that this also encourages others to do the same - and to embrace risk and change as a game, rather than something to resist.

Could you tell me how you found out about creativeConf Cambridge?

Through Steve of course! I've been a CamCreatives attendee in the past and Steve has helped me spread the word about our own meet up, Misfit Local. He's also a strong advocate of Danger Lou.

Could you tell me your main reasons for participating?

Firstly I am a creative person. Yes, I draw and doodle and sing and sew... however, I also kick ass at spread sheets, processes and structures to make things easier. You don't have to draw to be creative. I wish more people could see how creativity turns up in their lives on a regular basis and celebrate it.

Secondly, to have some fun!

Could you tell me a bit about your session?

During my session participants will build and crush their own evil nemesis!

What key areas will you cover?

I actually don't know where to start with this... I guess:

  • Build your evil nemesis
  • Name your evil nemesis
  • Make weapons, tools and force fields to stop your evil nemesis in its tracks

What do you hope participants will take away from your session?

First and foremost I hope they will learn to Identify and name the things that hold them back on a daily basis. Secondly to understand how those things operate and finally, identify some ways to overcome them. So that they can go out and blast their creativity at the world, and have fun doing it.

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