24 October 2015
Anglia Ruskin University

Interview: Nick Corston

We talked to Nick Corston to learn about his creativeConf Cambridge keynote session.

Could you tell me about your background and experience?

I'm really just a dad who watched a TEDTalk (Sir Ken Robinson’s) and read the first half of a couple of books that inspired me to try and do something to tap into the talent latent in our communities to help bring creativity, in many forms, into primary schools to compliment the work of hard pressed teachers.

My background is in marketing and digital technology; I also love selling a good story so I guess this is the perfect storm for me. I have currently put my marketing career on hold while I continue to raise funds and prove the concept of STEAM Co. to set it up as a national charity.

Could you tell me how you found out about the event?

I met a very inspiring head teacher, Rachel Snape, from the Spinney School in Cherry Hinton, Cambridge who was made aware of the event by one of the organisers. Rachel has agreed to be a trustee for STEAM Co. and she is also an incredibly inspirational School Leader and who shares our vision and values.

Could you please explain your main reasons for participating?

Cambridge is a unique city that brings together a fusion of creativity technology and innovation. The sense of community also appears to be very strong. It seems the perfect place to take the STEAM Co. message in the hope that participants will leave wanting to run their own STEAM Co. Day or host an event similar to the one we held in Liverpool earlier this year where Sir Ken Robinson spoke.

Could you please tell me a bit more about your session?

STEAM Co. is about empowering communities to inspire children with creativity by helping to organise and run what we call “STEAM Co. Days, primary school days like no other”. STEAM Co. days comprise up to 20 creative thinking and doing activities for children to participate in. We want to tell the creative community of Cambridge about our vision and issue a call to arms for them to go and run STEAM Co. days of their own and, where possible, help run a STEAM Co. launch event in Cambridge sometime next year

What key areas will your session cover?

We will be looking at the importance of creativity in education and how local communities and businesses can help provide creative experiences in primary schools.

We will also look at how it is possible to embrace our creative vision by setting up a nationwide team of inspirational champions who can generate activity packs that can be used in every UK primary school. As Prof Robert Winston said; “you have to get them in primary.”

What do you hope participants will take away from your session?

We hope that participants will be so inspired they will want to go and run a STEAM Co. day in their local community, either at their own children’s school or, if they don't have children, then go to a local school and offer to help make a STEAM Co. day happen.

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