24 October 2015
Anglia Ruskin University

The Robot of Mediocrity vs Danger Lou

Lou Shackleton The You Can Hub

Session type: Workshop
Session duration: 60 minutes

About this Workshop

Creativity is non-essential and a drain on your resources and time!

The Robot of Mediocrity needs YOUR assistance to build a Robot Army and blast creativity out of this Universe, once and for all. Join the mighty Robot and help achieve this quest, leaving a world with black and white thinking and limited options!

Or sabotage him with the help of Danger Lou. It's your choice…

About the Speaker

Lou grew up being told she was "too smart for art." She pursued a career in psychology and academic research before an autoimmune disorder stopped her in her tracks. Now she’s on a mission to combine her psychology and creativity - her smarts and her arts - to make change fun. She has a superhero alter ego called Danger Lou to help her on her way.

Lou has a team of superheroes at The You Can Hub, a Not-Secret Non-Government Agency for Change, which she co-founded. You Can Hub is behind the award-winning project You Can Bike Too which helps people to build confidence and get more active through unique forms of cycling.  She is the co-organiser of Misfit Local, providing a supportive space where you can share your idea for change and ask for help from the community to make it a reality.