24 October 2015
Anglia Ruskin University

Creative cooking and dining

Dr Vaiva Kalnikaite Dovetailed
Alfy Fowler Dovetailed

Session type: Workshop
Session duration: 60 minutes

About this Workshop

We love talking about food, we love cooking, sharing and enjoying it. What we expect from a great dining experience may vary, but besides taste, we all engage a range of senses that influence how we experience food.

In this workshop we will explore creativity in the kitchen. We will consider each sense: taste, sight, sound, smell and touch in terms of how they affect our perception of a dish. For example, we will explore how food can be made to taste sweeter without sugar or more savoury without salt. We will discuss the ways these more experiential techniques affect creativity in personal and professional kitchens and how they will pave the way for the future of food.

You will then have a chance to design and 3D print your own personalised cocktail.

About the Speakers

Dr Vaiva Kalnikaite

Dr Vaiva Kalnikaitė is the founder of Dovetailed, a user experience, industrial design and innovation studio based in Cambridge, UK.

At Dovetailed, she leads a group of talented designers, scientists and makers who create novel physical and digital experiences. Recent projects with international media coverage include: hats that highlight the presence of nearby surveillance cameras; a novel approach for edible 3D printing; mobile toolkits for sensing in a city; and creating technologies for large-scale public visualisations.

Vaiva is a visiting senior fellow at UCL and has worked on projects for Microsoft, PARC and GE.

Vaiva is a big fan of gadgets, particularly ones that enhance dining experiences, and uses our studio’s recently renovated kitchen as an excuse to test and prototype these.


Alfy Fowler

Alfy Fowler is a designer who has exhibited his own products nationally and internationally, whilst his freelance work has appeared on Dragon’s Den, Waitrose, NHS, Ryder Cup and Virgin Atlantic.

Wanting to be part of something bigger he joined the Dovetailed team in 2015 where he has worked on creating an identity for a kitchen robot and the user experience of software products for Dovetailed’s clients.

In his spare time Alfy loves to cook and his vice is amazing cheese accompanied by a thick red.