24 October 2015
Anglia Ruskin University

Improvisation for Creative Collaboration

Stuart Reid
Antony Quinn

Session type: Workshop
Session duration: 60 minutes

About this Workshop

Improvised theatre, or "improv", is taught at major corporations and top business schools in the US to develop innovators, encourage adaptable leaders and build transformational businesses.

In this fun, interactive and fast-paced session you'll learn and practice the fundamental techniques improvisers use to:

  • Co-create as a team
  • Foster a "yes, and" approach to work and life
  • Embrace failure to accelerate high performance
  • Lead by listening
  • Innovate by making something out of nothing

About the Speakers

Stuart Reid

Stuart Reid helps leaders to navigate change effectively. As an organisation change consultant he uses ideas from complexity science, Gestalt and improvisation to work with people who are facing complex changes.

Stuart first encountered improv twenty years ago when he was involved in youth theatre, and has returned to improv in the past five years. He’s trained as an improviser with Dave Bourn (Sprout Ideas), Keith Johnstone, Rob Poynton, Steve Roe (Hoopla) and The Maydays, and has performed on-stage as a member of the London-based improv group Just Add Lib.

Stuart lives in Peterborough and is building an improv community in the city.


Antony Quinn

Antony Quinn is a business development and innovation consultant for the learning and development (L&D) community. He uses his background in sales, marketing, design and technology to find new revenue and growth opportunities for L&D providers.

Antony discovered improv while devising a theatre performance six years ago. Antony has trained with Keith Johnstone, Gary Schwartz, Bill McLaughlin, Clare Kerrison, Patti Stiles and Steve Roe, and has performed with Unscripted Underground in Cambridge. Antony has written and acted for WRiTEON, a Cambridge scriptwriting forum, and has appeared in TV and film as an extra.

Antony lives in Cambridge and co-hosts monthly unhurried conversations in the city.